Finer Bundle


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Once referred to as our Finer Range, our Bobby Mug and Bibby Cup are the ideal addition to your Acme Collection and now part of a Bundle, especially for your home. 

The Bibby Cup 250ml sports an elegant design of its own, featuring a wide lip and a more confined lower half - keeping your Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate warm while you sip. 

The Bobby Mug 300ml is a great mug for every kind of hot drink, drinker. It's a team favourite here at Acme HQ, especially for those morning filter brews. 

The Finer Bundle features two Bobby Mug 300ml, two Bibby Cups 250ml and with your choice to add matching two matching saucers for the Bibby Cups. 

Porcelain is a natural product and will exhibit natural variations in the product, final volume and in the glaze coverage and effect.