Collective Small Cup


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The Collective small cup (90ml) is slightly larger than the traditional espresso cup, so that you can appreciate the aroma and are able to swirl the espresso without fear of the swirl leaving the cup. Or, there is space to accommodate a splash of milk.

The Collective cup is the result of two years of work with Danish coffee roastery, The Coffee Collective. After years of using an off-the-shelf range, they felt it was time to use all of their experience and knowledge to create a range that best suited them.

The Collective small cup is the only cup that uses its own saucer.

It's a three piece collective: Small, medium, and large. The medium saucer (14cm) can be used for both medium and large cups.

Porcelain is a natural product and will exhibit natural variations in the product, final volume and in the glaze coverage and effect.