Acme x Coffee Collective

Acme x Coffee Collective

Countless late night video calls, emails and a bit of snail mail we're finally ready to show off, The Collective cup range! It's been 2 years of work with Danish coffee roastery, The Coffee Collective. After years of using an off-the-shelf range, they felt it was time to use all of their experience and knowledge to create a range that suited them. When they reached out to us about creating a range we were pretty excited. We haven't done a collaboration range before and really like what the Coffee Collective do in the world of Specialty coffee so felt like it was the right opportunity to give it ago!  

We're all very proud of the work we have accomplished and can't wait for everyone to use them!  

The small cup, has been made a little larger than our 70ml espresso cup so that the aroma can be accessed easier - swirl the espresso without the fear of swirling it out of the cup! The medium cup is their ideal Cappuccino cup or our ideal Flat White. The angle of the cup keeps the peak of the textured milk contained and the rounded base allows the espresso and milk to mix evenly. So that when you take that first sip you experience the full flavour of the drink. Finally the large cup, multi-purpose built, large Cappuccinos, Americanos and Filter coffee.

3 cups, 2 saucers, a handle that fits fingers and a well-balanced cup.

This range is available for a limited time in the Coffee Collective white.

It's a 3 piece collection: Cups come in a; Small 90ml, Medium 150ml and Large 280ml. The small cup has it's own saucer and the other two cups, medium and large, share a saucer.

Exclusively available in Europe and New Zealand

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