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So... you’re trying to wrap your head around tea cups. You’ve come to the right place. We may be well seasoned Coffee drinkers, but it turns out that we know a thing or two about tea and how to serve it. It can be tricky to know how to serve one’s tea, especially when tea drinkers' preferences come into play. Our very scientific, and totally not made-up studies have shown that tea drinkers are just as fussy as coffee drinkers, but don’t quote me on that! I'm here to share with you, my answers to the internet’s super important questions about teacups.

Can Teacups be used for coffee?
Of course! This one definitely comes down to personal preference. We all have a person in our lives, who is particularly, particular with how their coffee is served. Whether it must be served in their favourite cup, or whether they have a designated Coffee vs. Tea cup – it doesn’t actually matter! As long as the brew fits, you’re good!

How to make a cup of tea in the microwave?
No comment. We are unable to promote this sort of behaviour. 

What makes a good cup of tea?
A good cup, isn’t it obvious?! CLICK HERE to see our range of teacups

How to remove tea stains from cups?
Nobody likes a stain (Sorry Stain, but it’s true). Our cups sport Magnesium Porcelain inner, which creates a striking contrast with the coloured outer – it also creates a perfect landscape for staining to appear. Never fear, these are easily removed. You’ll be happy to hear the inner is easily maintained with regular TLC. All our cups are friendly with most dishwashers and scrubbing brushes, any evidence of a tea-drinking session should be removed with the use of either of these guys.

What’s moving faster, the tea or the cup?
The person making it.


Where to buy milk teacups in Auckland?
Lucky for you Aucklanders who are looking for teacups – we have plenty of stockists up your way! If you aren’t sold on purchasing through our website, you can head over to Father Rabbit, Smith & Caughey’s or Milly's. 

Why are teacups so small?
Hey! There's nothing wrong with being small!

How many mls is the standard teacup?
To be quite honest with you, I had to Google this one myself. Google is telling me that the standard teacup size is 150ml, but that doesn't seem quite right to me, don’t you think?! Here at Acme, our teacups are around the 250ml mark – we know how our customers enjoy a large brew and we reckon that it’s best to under-fill a large vessel, than to have a vessel that just doesn’t cut the mustard.

How to date teacups?
Take them out for a nice dinner to get to know them. What sort of question is this?! Next you’ll be asking how to date a coffee cup!

Should you have a cup of tea after a meal?
Now this question, only you can decide. Follow your heart (or your stomach)



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