Finer, Lighter, Elegant Porcelain For Everyday

Finer, Lighter, Elegant Porcelain For Everyday

Our Finer Range is elegant, durable and is best used over, and over, and over again. Made up of three styles, there IS a cup for everyone. 

Based on our *very* scientific research, we've found that most coffee and tea drinkers have a specific routine that comes along with how they enjoy their brews. Whether you're weighing up the grinds, to match your perfected espresso recipe, or sourcing tea from your favourite, local supplier; we've found that no matter the specificity of your routine, you'll always need the ideal cup, a specific cup, even, to fulfil your routine - it's the cherry on top of the cake, and we're sure you people that are at home, enjoying a brew whilst reading this must agree. 

The first cup we added to this range was our Bibby cup. It was inspired from a teacup that was found in a random box.. that line doesn't really sell it, but oh just you wait, it gets better. The Bibby Cup was traditionally used as a sipping cup for tea (coming from a specialty coffee background, the sipping aspect really resonated with us). The Bibby cup is made of two parts, the lower half is tight and confined - especially to maintain heat. Perfect for those super slow sippers in your life (we all know one) and the upper half is wide and open which cools the liquid as you're getting ready to take your next sip (whenever that may be). 

We know how much our tea drinkers love their tea, and our filter drinkers love all of the filter brews they can get their hands on - so we just had to include our Bobby Mug in Milk. 

Oh! and let’s not forget Greta, our new classic tea cup. Greta is similar in shape to our Espresso Range Latte cup, but lighter, finer and more refined. Much like the beverage we recommend serving in it. A top shelf filter coffee, of course tea or a bougie Latte. 

All of our fine products, are made from the same, durable porcelain that the Espresso range is made from. By using this material, we’re able to create our elegant shapes that can be used everyday, over and over and over and over again - just how we like them! 

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