NEW (sustainably packaged) Flatware Sets

NEW (sustainably packaged) Flatware Sets


We have been making teaspoons for years as teaspoons are the perfect product to sit on a cup and saucer.

This month we are finally releasing a full 24pcs Flatware set! We worked with a designer on the packaging so that it is simple and adheres to our form and function design ethos. Have you looked inside a brand new box of cutlery recently? Well, they're normally full of plastic and if we were going to create more packaging it had to stay out of the landfill. Sustainable packaging is very important to us, so we haven't wrapped the cutlery in plastic.

It's been a tricky road ditching plastic and all of it's conveniences. Our factory was happy to make the suggested changes (after a little nudging) and the response from our New Zealand customers has been amazing. We're all happy and super excited that they're finally available in Europe and the UK!

All packs have been handpacked by Teddy, who is a lovely guy and friend who is about to start at University in Wellington



*We're very aware of the fact that our teaspoon 12 packs are wrapped in plastic but please note that when our current stock levels are sold out all teaspoons will come wrapped in tissue too.

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