New Taster!

New Taster!

The Taster cup was created for professional coffee tasters to taste coffee. Both the owners of Acme, Megan and Paddy have previously worked as coffee professionals and coffee roasters. So not to brag, but we kinda know what we’re talking about…  

We saw a need for a versatile cup that showcases the profile of the coffee, the Taster cup is tall so that that theres more coffee to cup – what is cupping?! Basically it’s when you brew the coffee and water together in the same vessel, then the coffee falls to the bottom of the vessel so you can taste the liquid without the coffee grinds. Our cups aren’t the traditional cupping shape which we have found makes tasting the coffee easier plus a bunch of other useful things like making the cup thick, durable and stackable, making them a tonne easier for storing in drawers (which is where Megan used to store her cupping bowls in her roasting lab). Thus, the Taster range was born. 

People must have seen just how useful our Tasters are, as they’re now often found in cafes and households all over the world. For those that haven’t been introduced to these versatile vessels, let’s fill you in… 

The smallest of the bunch, the 110ml Mini Taster is the perfect size for piccolo, or perhaps a fluffy for the little ones? Next up we have the 210ml Medium Taster, the Mini Taster’s cool older sibling. With a bit more volume to it, the Medium Taster makes a great vessel for cupping but also lattes and filter coffees and of course a hot choccy. Lastly, we have our BRAND NEW 310ml Large Taster Cup! It’s so freakin’ cool, it deserves a paragraph in itself! 

The new Large Taster is stepping in to replace the 260ml Taster. The base colour is Whale Blue and like the 210ml cup it’s designed to fit on the Medium 14cm saucer. As with our newer Mini and Medium Tasters, the Large will also only be available in a single base colour that will change colour… gotta collect them all?! 

The Large Taster is a super versatile product. It’s big enough that it could be used for a side of soup, a small smoothie bowl, a generous helping of ice cream or a classic latte bowl (it’s a little smaller than the 90’s latte bowl, phew!). The stackable design also makes it a great space saver.

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A collage of Acme's Taster range

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