New Zealand's Best Baristas

New Zealand's Best Baristas

Acme was founded by Coffee Professionals, we saw a need in the market for a cup that was designed by the people that use them everyday. So of course we're big supporters and are very involved in supporting our coffee professionals. We're very passionate about all things coffee and the people that choose this as a profession. Having competitions like the World Barista Championships can show Baristas a career path beyond the coffee bar.

The 2022 World Barista Champs were held in Melbourne, representing New Zealand was our very own New Zealand Barista Champion, Luise Metelka from Wellington roaster Flight Coffee. Her performance was outstanding and she represented New Zealand really well both on and off the stage.

Anthony Douglas from Australia was crowned the 2022 World Barista champion, Morgan Eckroth, United States was the runner up and in 3rd place was Claire Wallace from the United Kingdom. Followed by Takayuki Ishitani representing Japan, Benjamin Put, from Canada and coming in 6th place was, Patrik Rolf from Sweden. This year we saw 50 countries represented. 

Before Baristas can get to the World comp they must first win the New Zealand Barista Championships. In New Zealand we have our champs a year out, to give the winning Barista the opportunity to truly prepare for the Worlds. Preparing for the NZBC, competitors start training for their routine at least 9 month prior. As coffee is a seasonal product they tend to sourcing earlier.

Right lets start with a Barista Championship overview. 

The Barista is to preform a 15 minute routine in front of: 4 sensory judges, 2 technical judges, a head judge and a set of shadow judges. The routine is normally based around a theme. This year at worlds, the most common themes where; sistainablity, coffee production and life after a pandemic. 

Very general routine overview: In 15mins the barista has to make, 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks and 4 signature drinks. The Barista must demonstrate that they understand the coffee and nail the flavour notes - "In your espresso you will taste; lemon zest and Raspberry. The mouthfeel will be silky smooth with a bitter cocoa nib after taste" If the judges experience all of these flavours then they score well. If they don't then they score low. Have a look on YouTube if you wanna get a better understanding. 

The NZBC for 2023 were held in Wellington in August - It was such a great final, a big mix of lots of different routines and experience. Hanna Teramoto, from Coffee Tech in Auckland is the 2023 New Zealand Barista Champion! Runner up was first time competitor, YJ Huang from Mojo Coffee in Auckland and coming in third place was Luise Metelka from Flight Coffee in Wellington.

Hanna will be heading to Athens, Greece to represent New Zealand in 2023. We're really looking forward to seeing her compete next year, but also looking forward to next years NZBC (@nzspeccoffee) - held at the Expressions Event Centre in Wellington, at the end of March. If you're interested in coming along, then it's best to follow the NZSCA on Instagram. They post up all things related to the New Zealand coffee industry.  

What cups do champions use? We have made it easy - CLICK HERE

Photo Credits Andrew Turner, ATPhoto



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