Olivia's Gift Guide For the Twenty-Somethings

Olivia's Gift Guide For the Twenty-Somethings

Hey, Olivia here! I’m the E-Commerce & Social Media Coordinator for Acme Cups. If we haven’t encountered each other already, you may recognise my name from the Customer Service Emails, or from the Acme Socials – or you could have even read my first Holiday Gift Guide from last year.. man, time flies!

I’m back this year, to do my duty for the young people – to guide all of the parents, uncles & aunts and whoever when it comes to their gift giving.

On behalf of all of us twenty somethings, students and the awkward inbetweeners – please, we are begging you… no more body wash box sets… or else we may turn into one!

The trick of the trade when it comes to gift giving should be - functional, yet aesthetic... I'll say it louder for the people in the back... FUNCTIONAL YET AESTHETIC OKAY?!


Acme x Karen Walker Bobby Mug – Moss/Peach

I couldn’t not start with my all-time favourite product from Acme Cups. The Acme x Karen Walker Bobby Mug colour palette was inspired by Karen Walker’s ‘Garden People’ Print, with the Mug itself featuring a dual toned finish – this brings an interesting and aesthetically pleasing feature to an ordinary everyday product. Plus, I had a hand in coming up with the name for the dark green tone. I saw it and thought – Moss! There was no interested method or practice that I can tell you about, but I still think that Moss is a pretty cool & fitting name.

The Acme x Karen Walker Bobby Mug is available in six variations of three different colours, here. 

Acme Flatware 24pc Set

MATCHING CUTLERY. Matching cutlery in a flat is rare to come across. It really grinds my gears to use a knife and fork that aren’t from the same set. Call me high strung (I most definitely am) but also, I just appreciate how much a good set of cutlery can enhance the dining experience – even if it is just to get stuck into a toasted sandwich… yes, I would use a knife and fork to eat a toasted sandwich. Like I said, high strung.

The Acme Flatware is made from hardened, brushed Stainless Steel. It is durable, solid and made to get better looking with age. Available here. 

Bibby Teacup in Rose

If you know me personally, then you’d know that I’m the ultimate Wellington Café go-er, I know all of the spots.. check out our Wellington City Guide on Instagram *Shameless Promo*.. ANYWAY.. back to my story.

I would go to café’s prior to working here at Acme Cups and I would always notice the nice cups I would be drinking out of. I’d always lift them up to check where they were from.. I remember being in one of my favorite coffee spots and being served my Mocha in a Bibby Cup. I wondered if it was also an Acme Cup, and low and behold it was. To this day, I still love the Bibby Cup as much as I did that day.

The Bibby Teacup is 250ml, available in two colours Milk & Rose. Perfect for both Tea and Coffee, with the choice to add matching saucers. Available here.

 Acme Larsson Sweatshirt

Name one person who doesn’t like being warm and looking cool at the same time… See you can’t. Great gift.

The Acme Larsson Sweatshirt is made in India of certified GOTS Cotton, and was embroidered by The Print Room in Dunedin, Aotearoa. They come from factories that are powered by renewable energy from low-impact raw materials + they have reduced their carbon footprint by 90% which is pretty cool. Available here.  

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