Reintroducing Milk Roman

Reintroducing Milk Roman

Long story short, the Milk Romans are now the exact same as Kawakawa Romans, except in the classic Milk colourway. 

If you’re super keen to learn more about our design process then please by all means keep reading 

Not to be biased, but the Roman ranks pretty highly in our favourites too, not that we have a favourite cup.  

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. You may have noticed our Milk Romans have been out of stock for a wee while (we know, we know, don’t hold it against us), but this is for very good reason! After careful consideration we saw an opportunity to make them EVEN BETTER, because that’s what we’re always trying to do - why settle?!

Behind the scenes we’ve been tweaking and adjusting, and good things take time, ya know? So, without further to do, we’d like to reintroduce our new and improved Milk Roman range! Woohoo! 

First up, let’s talk cup composition. The Milk Roman range is now made from the same durable porcelain used in all our other cups. However, the thinner design and composition still gives it that sleek bone china feel that we know you love. So smooth, so versatile! This is one of the things that sets Roman apart – it’s a vessel that reflects the new modern longer extracted espresso style, something simple and unadorned yet functional. However please please note, that the Roman range also holds many many other liquids, they should never be limited to espresso.  

Here at Acme we’re all about continuous improvement, it’s at the forefront of everything we do. If there’s a way we can make our products more enjoyable we’ll absolutely implement it! Taking that into account, we’ve simplified the Milk Roman sizing by making it the same as Kawakawa Roman. Our Mini Milk Roman Cups are now 100ml, Medium Milk Roman Cups are now 155ml and Large Milk Roman Cups are now 250ml. Saucer sizes remain the same! 

Durable and functional, our Roman cups are a must have in the home, café or office. Take it from us, they look good AND make for a super smooth coffee drinking experience!

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Product shot of Acme's Milk Roman Cups on a pink and brown plain background

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