About Us

Acme is a New Zealand company based in Te Whanganui a Tara, Wellington.

The company was dreamed up from a long-standing ambition to create products that adhere to the design ideals of form and function. At the time, almost 10 years ago,
we saw that the cafe industry needed a good cup to serve espresso, designed by the people that use them every day. 

10 years later our cups are used all over the world by World Champion Baristas, tea drinkers, and everyone in between. What started out as
a need for the ideal coffee cup for the hospitality industry, has turned into a continual search and design for other household items.

Our approach is simple; design a functional, durable, yet elegant product for the everyday.

Acme Cups was founded by Jeff Kennedy and partner Bridget Dunn. Jeff is a lifetime member of the New Zealand Speciality Coffee Association
and has been roasting and making coffee since the 1980s. Acme CupCo is operated by Megan Wyper and Paddy Kennedy.