Tasty Taster

Tasty Taster

We designed our Taster cups with Speciality Coffee in mind, I bet you're now thinking "what on earth?!" (totally not thinking, hurry up and get to the point). Anyway, I digress; ok, I'll do a summery about what Speciality coffee would want with a handless-stackable-coloured bottom cup. Coffee is tasted for many different reasons: when purchasing green coffee (this is a whole new journal post in itself), tasting different roast profiles or tasting to make sure you're roasting the right profile or tasting to work out if the flavours are good or even tasting/cupping for fun. Oh I'm digressing again... We designed the Taster cup with all of these processes in mind (in case you haven't already worked it out we come from a Speciality coffee background *cough award winning Speciality coffee background, crap, digressing again. 

In summary, these cups were designed with a very purpose driven idea in mind but have become a tight space friend for the everyday regular person who likes a stackable-handless cup in their home. Kids love a fluffy in them to + kids look cute drinking out of small versions of large cups so thats a bonus. 

Available in 3 sizes, mini, medium and large - CLICK HERE to see the range on full 

photo credits, left to right: @jumbo_arhus // @wakecup_specialty // @justin_groep // @08yumaaa //@whitehorsecoffee // 


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