Which Acme Colour Is For Me?

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From the vibrant Clay to the moody, tonal Weka – there’s a colour to suit every occasion, every room and every coffee drinker. Acme may be most known as the home of cups, but we are also the home of our pallet of iconic colours that adorn Espresso machines and Café tables globally. When it came time to develop our colours, it was simply no-brainer for us to celebrate the the habitual elements of our environment, that we feel ever so privileged to be able to observe, conserve and enjoy – here in Aotearoa.  


Clay radiates warmth, energy and for us, represents the raw material which allows us to do what we love! Our cups and saucers are made from porcelain, as well as magnesium porcelain, which allows for their solid form. It is this material, which makes our cups, well… our cups. If you would like to hear about what makes our cups so unique, click here

Kawakawa is our lovely, rich, Dark Green who is worn by our Bobby, Roman and Union – Talk about Mr. Popular over here! Kawakawa was inspired by the native Kawakawa bushes that adorn our Wellington backyards. The native Kawakawa holds a multitude of different purposes, it is often experimented with in as a flavour in the culinary world, as well as being a traditional healing agent. When applied to a space, the colour Green can generate a sense of peace and relaxation.

We feel so lucky that here in Aotearoa, to have Native Dolphins inhabiting our coasts. It isn’t unusual to be accompanied by Dolphins if you’re out at sea exploring the coasts. There is something very spectacular about Dolphins surfing the wake – if you haven’t experienced this, please do! There are around nine different species of Dolphin, with some in critical danger of extinction – you can thank Fracking for that one. Our Dolphin shade is incredibly versatile and is an ideal choice for creating synergy in your space and it works well as fundamental shade in your colour story. It was also one of our first colours!


Introducing a pastel green to your space may seem daunting, but hear us out... Feijoa is one of our most popular, and most striking colours – you may recognise this colour as a focal point of a dim-lit coffee spot. It is a great complimentary colour with Dolphin and cooler, darker shades. Until recent years, Feijoas weren’t something that was bought but acquired.  The trees are a common feature in New Zealand backyards, and come March they are abundant in little green fruit. It’s a bit of a culture to gift and trade the fruit with friends and neighbours, which we think is just awesome. Nine times out of Ten, you eat way too many and end up with a sore tummy and are put off them until the next Feijoa season. But hey, we always come back to them! 


This one goes out to the largest species of Whale, who happens to coast around New Zealand waters, the Blue whale. The Blue whale is the largest animal in the world, with the largest female weighing in at 150 tonnes – she was also the largest EVER recorded animal to have lived. Whales, along with the colour blue are often recognised as a symbol of peace and tranquility, which we thought is a necessary element in the hustling and bustling environment of your home or Café. Really, who doesn’t need or want more peace and tranquility in their lives?!


The Weka is a native, flightless bird that commonly explores the National Parks in the South Island. Paddy (our Opps Manager) is a seasoned tramper, and alongside his daughters is often accompanied by collectives of Wekas through the southern hinterlands. The Weka sports a brown, feathery form which we felt that we had to immortalised in the form of ceramics. The Weka tone, is the ultimate addition to any space to create depth and contrast, and looks fantastic paired with light tones.

If you've made it to the end of this journal entry, and you're still unsure about which Acme colour would suit your space, flick me an email - I'm more than happy to help! 


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