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2 Minutes with...


Andrea and her partner, Roman started Fix and Fogg as a way to get away from the corporate life as Lawyers. Andrea and Roman are passionate people about spending their working days doing something that's meaningful, sustainable and tasty - in the office it's an equal tie between the Chocolate and the Smoke and Fire peanut butter... We asked Andrea a few questions + she shares with us a list of wonderful creative Wellington women.



Andrea, give us 5 words to describe what you do... go!
Live life to the full.
What's your favorite place in the whole wide world?
The ocean! I’m a water baby at heart. I swim in Wellington harbor almost every day and it’s my happy place - both full of energy but also really meditative.
What's your idea of a dream Sunday?
An early start with a swim in the sea. I love the feeling of being up early and seeing the sunrise and watching people start their days. Then a coffee, crossword, breakfast, and chat with my family. A lunch on the beach with my feet in the sand (though maybe not in wellington!), another swim or walk in the bush, some
baking, playing the piano, finished with a glass of rose and bbq with friends.
What are you currently working on at Fix and Fogg?
We’re in the middle of our B-Corp certification process, everything we do at Fix & Fogg must meaningful, sustainable and delicious. Edit: since this was published they have finally achieved this status; they're the first New Zealand owned food manufacturer to be awarded this certification.
And finally, what do you love most about living in Wellington?
I love living in Wellington. You really can’t beat it on a good day. It’s unpretentious, creative, and makes the best coffee in the world!
Wellington Ceramicists that I love:
  1. - Karin Amdal (Pause Ceramics) https://karinamdal.com
  2. - Bec Roberts (Boo Ceramics) https://www.booceramics.com/
  3. - Felicity Donaldson (Wundaire) https://www.wundaire.com/

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