Wilfa Classic Coffee Brewer


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Matte White
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Wilfa Classic is a minimalist and functional filter coffee machine. Beautiful design, ideal brewing parameters and its small size make it a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious coffee at home or work. 

The brewer will ship with enough paper filters to get you started.

  • Cleaning indicator - a diode informs you when to maintain the device. 
  • Appropriate water temperature 92 - 96 ° C throughout the brewing process for exceptional coffee flavour.
  • Water flow control - experiment with the brewing time. The outlet of the filter tank allows for flow control - decide yourself on the brewing time. Close the spout to prevent coffee dripping when you remove the carafe.
  • It keeps your coffee hot - your coffee is heated for 40 minutes after brewing.
  • Eye-catching design - original shape and high-quality stainless steel make the brewing process pleasing to the eye.